Unseen Work, written by Myles Biggs

Coming Soon:
Book & TEDx Talk

After being postponed for months due to COVID-19, TEDx Williamsport finally took place on October 17, 2020. 

Videos of the talks are being edited and submitted to TED for approval. Once approved and uploaded to YouTube, we will also feature the talk here. 

In November 2020, Myles will release his first book, titled "Unseen Work: Why the best path to your goals is not always a straight line". 

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Myles Biggs

Hi, I'm Myles.

As a podcaster, marketer, and business coach I love working with others to uncover their talents and then share them with the world.

When I'm not coaching or creating content, you can find me consuming copious amounts of caffeine, exploring the outdoors, and making memories with family and friends.

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